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Adam Scott C.V.I.

Health and Physical Education Department


Student Course Outline / Parent Information Sheet



PROGRAM AREA:           Healthy Active Living

COURSE:                          Grade 12 Co-Ed Health and Physical Education                      

COURSE CODE:              PPL 4O1



This course focuses on the development of a personalized approach to healthy active living through participation in a variety of sports and recreational activities that have the potential to engage students’ interest throughout their lives. Students apply movement principles and sport/game strategies to refine skills and actively participate in sports and games to enhance their personal competence and personal fitness.  They are encouraged to develop leadership skills and will be given opportunities to refine their decision making, conflict-resolution, and interpersonal skills, with a view to enhancing their mental health and their relationships with others. 



A wide range of assessment and evaluation opportunities allows students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.  This information provides the basis for reporting student grades on the Provincial Report Card.  Achievement (reflected in a final mark) will be calculated using the following:

Final Mark  = 70% Term + 30% Final Evaluation


Term Mark: will be determined by your participation in activity units and health units according to the four key learning areas: Application, Thinking and Inquiry, Communication and Knowledge /Understanding. 


Final Evaluation: will include that following components:

·        Fitness Appraisals- February, April, and June      10%

·        Summative Evaluation                                          10%

·        Group Leadership Assignment                             10% 



The following learning skills will be taught and assessed throughout the course and will be shown on the report card.  Students' performance in these skill areas will not be included in the final numeric mark.  It is important to remember, however, that the development and consistent practice of these skills will influence academic achievement. These skills include: works independently, teamwork, organization, work habits/homework, and initiative. 



In order to earn a credit in physical and health education, you must complete the evaluation requirements for each unit as outlined by your teacher at the beginning of each unit. 


You are required to be here on time, with proper equipment and be ready to participate on a daily basis. If you are injured, you are required to come to class and participate to the best of your ability. Medical problems may prevent you from attending class for a period of time, in this situation, alternate arrangements need to be arranged by you with your teacher. 


Some activities make use of community facilities and will have a fee for the use of those facilities.

·         UNIFORMS: Change of clothing such as gym short or sweatpants, t-shirt, socks, and proper running shoes. Hats are not allowed in the gym or weight room during class time, but are encouraged for outdoor activities as is sunscreen. Please bring a full water bottle (with your name on it) to class. Undershirts, tank tops, and shirts that expose stomachs will not be permitted. Shirts that are ripped, tank tops, shirts that have unacceptable messages are also not permitted during Physical Education. 


·         ATTENDANCE: Physical Education is a participation-based course with daily assessment and evaluation. In order to ensure maximum opportunity to experience success students must attend class on a regular basis and participate to the best of their abilities. Daily attendance also improves student’s level of physical fitness and wellness.  WEATHER will NOT be accepted as an excuse to refuse participation.  Please dress accordingly during the winter months. 


·         Students are expected to:

o        Participates actively and consistently in class

o        Displays respect and support for others

o        Demonstrates daily preparedness and adherence to established daily routine

o        Demonstrates safe practices with equipment and others

o        Demonstrates leadership/initiative in teamwork and independent work

o        Punctual 


·         SAFETY: Due to the nature of this course, it is imperative that all safety guidelines and rules for the weight room are followed.  Students not following these protocols will be asked to complete other activities or may be withdrawn from the course. 


·         VALUABLES:  We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles. Although the doors are locked, the change rooms are not completely secure during class.  Do Not bring valuables to the change room or weight room. 


·         ILLNESS / INJURY:  Lack of participation because of illness must be made up.  At the beginning of class, if you are feeling unwell or are suffering from a minor injury, change and talk to your teacher about modified activity. See your teacher to arrange this.  In case of an injury during class, see your teacher immediately.










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