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PPL201 - Culminating Activity

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PPL 2O1 Culminating Activity 

(10% of final mark)


The Culminating Activity is worth 10% of your mark. In order to maximize your success in this final evaluation you may have some choice in your assignment.  You need to complete assignments from both parts one and two.






Part 1:  Knowledge  (Choose to total 20 marks)      


Due Date:     ________________










1. Fitness Research (5 marks)

Using a source of your choice find two fitness or health related articles based on topics we have covered in class. Each of these articles should have a different view point on the same subject. Some examples of sources are www.mywebmd.com,www.msn.ca, Shape, Muscle and Fitness, Runners World, and Sports Illustrated. With this article:

i) summarize the information from each article in one paragraph. Please include a clear topic sentence, evidence which relates to the topic sentence, and a concluding sentence. (5 marks)

ii) In a page, compare and contrast the information presented in these articles. What did/didn't you agree with in these articles? Explain why based on the knowledge that you gained during this course.

Please include these articles when you submit your work.







2. Game Show (15 marks)

Based on the information you learned in class and other resources, you need to create a quiz show or game show based on fitness and general health. It must have a different format than the substance abuse game that you created in health class. Components that must be included are rules to the game, how to play, a minimum of 15 questions (with the answers included), and any game cards required. Be creative and include any outside resources you use.







3. Personal Fitness plan for the summer (5 marks)

Create a realistic fitness plan that you would be able to implement next semester. Be sure to follow the FITT Principle discussed in class and include various types of activities. Be specific, using a calendar or complete a weekly outline. Provide a 1 to 2 paragraph rationale for your program.

4. Health and PE Brochure (10 marks)

You have been hired as an advertising expert by the Adam Scott Health and Physical Education Department to create a brochure to promote Health and Physical Education to the rest of the student population. Aspects that may be included are the benefits of taking Phys. Ed., highlights of the course, subjects covered, requirements of the students, and anything else you feel is important to "sell" the course. Be creative and positive. You may also include pictures. (20 marks)

5. Fitness Activity (10 marks)

As a fitness expert, the object of this task is to create a useable fitness activity, that would last approximately 15 minutes in length, for an age group that is equal to or younger than you (for example: a Grade 9 Phys. Ed. class, young kids at camp). This activity can be in any form, like a game or circuit, but must be different than anything we have done in class. Include at least 3 aspects of fitness that we have covered in class (i.e. muscular endurance, strength, flexibility etc.)in this activity. You need to include instructions on how to teach/do this activity, diagrams of how it should be set up, equipment needed, and any parts/pieces that need to be included (i.e. circuit cards).

6. Weight Training circuit (5 marks)

Congratulations, you have just gotten a job as a Grade 9 Phys. Ed. teacher, and you are in charge of their weight training unit. They are scheduled to do circuit training in the weight room, and they are ready for something different. You need to create a circuit different from any circuit you have done in the weight room. You may include a few exercises you have done before, but the circuit needs to include cardio and muscular exercises. It has to be useable for a class of 24-30 people. Included in this is a log sheet, and an explanation or outline of the circuit.






Part 2:  Reflection  (30 marks)      


Due Date:     ________________








You are to reflect on components of this semester in Grade 10 Health and Physical Education. Be sure to use evidence and examples which will support your answers. Your reflection should be typed and “spell-checked”.  Complete all the tasks  listed below!



TASK 1:         Reflecting on your Participation   (10 marks)


«     Listed below are aspects of physical participation in the Physical Education program:

- Effort / Intensity of Participation


- Etiquette / Fair Play


- Initiative / Leadership


- Group Work Skills










- Conflict Resolution Skills


- Physical Activity outside of class


- Attitude towards exercise












«     Use the above to answer the following questions:

a) What areas was my strongest?

b) What areas did I most improve in?

c) In what areas do I need the most improvement?

«     For each question provide a detailed answer using clear evidence and examples.


TASK 2:         Reflecting on the Health Component      (10 marks)


«     Answer one question below and provide evidence and examples in your response

a)   This semester, healthy choices and being active were stressed as part of a healthy lifestyle.  But… obesity levels have continued to grow in North America.  Why has the message not got out?  What factors have led to society’s health issues and what can we do to get Canadians to be more fit and healthy?



b)    Even with the media campaigns against it, drug use and abuse continues to be a problem among today’s teenagers.  Why do you think some teens still choose to experiment with drugs?  How do some teenagers find themselves using and being addicted to harder drugs?


TASK 3:         Reflect on Your Personal Fitness    (10 marks)


«     Answer each question below and provide evidence and examples in your response

a)   What new knowledge did I gain about fitness and /or safety principles and practices for exercise? Did I apply this knowledge to my personal fitness development? How?

b)    How did I attempt to improve my physical fitness level (cardiovascular endurance, strength, muscular endurance, flexibility) in and/or out of class? Did I achieve my fitness goals? Why or why not?

c)    Am I more or less motivated to exercise as a result of this course? What intrinsic and/or extrinsic factors motivate me? What barriers prevent me from being more active? How can I develop and ensure that I have a healthy active lifestyle in the future?







































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