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Unit 2 Project:

Microorganisms & Human Health





1.       Individually or in pairs, you are to choose a human health problem that is caused by a microorganism.  The microorganism can be any bacteria, virus, or protist.



2.       You will thoroughly research your topic, noting source, author, date, page, web address, etc. for all of your information.



3.        You will create a poster or PowerPoint presentation to present your findings.



4.       You will present information to the class in a brief 5-10 minute presentation.


Your Poster Should Include:


«      Name of Health Problem (Both medical and common)

«      Name of Microorganism that causes problem

«      Transmission of Microorganism

«      Symptoms and General Description of Health Problem

«      Treatment of Health Problem

«      Region Where it is Found  à  With a Map

«      Any Major Significance or Interesting Facts


Your Presentation Should Include:


«      Displaying of Poster

«      Brief Summary of Health Problem  (5-10 min.)

«      Question and Answer session at end of presentation





Poster:                                                                                                                       [/20]

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Poster lacks organization and presentation is unclear and ineffective

Poster lacks some organization - presentation is somewhat effective

Poster is organized into appropriate headings and is presented in a thoughtful way

Poster is highly organized and is presented in an effective & thoughtful way

Shows little evidence of thorough research

Shows evidence of some research

Shows evidence of considerable research

Shows evidence of thorough, thoughtful research

Lacks accuracy and depth of information

Illustrates some accuracy and depth of information

Illustrates considerable accuracy and depth of information

Illustrates accuracy and depth of information – very thorough

Gathers information from only 1 or 2 sources & references are incomplete

Gathers information from a few sources & references them

Gathers information from various sources & references them

Gathers information from many diverse sources & references them


Presentation:                                                                        [/5]

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Demonstrates little knowledge of topic

Demonstrates some knowledge of topic

Demonstrates considerable knowledge of topic

Demonstrates thorough and knowledge of topic



SBI 3C - Unit 2 Project:

Microorganisms & Human Health


Some Examples of Illnesses to Choose From:


*    HIV / AIDS

*    Malaria

*    Typhoid fever

*    Flesh- eating disease

*    SARS

*    Avian flu

*    West Nile virus

*    Ebola

*    Influenza

*    Whooping cough

*    Gangrene

*    Meningitis

*    Botulism

*    Ringworm

*    Diphtheria

*    Cholera

*    Mononucleosis

*    Strep Throat

*    Legionnaire’s Disease

*    Lyme Disease

*    Arbovirus

*    Dengue fever

*    Encephalitis

*    Rift Valley fever

*    Herpes



*    The Plague

*    Food Poisoning

*    Blood Poisoning

*    Hepatitis

*    Yellow fever

*    Scarlet fever

*    Small Pox

*    Chicken Pox / Shingles

*    Rabies

*    Mumps

*    Measles

*    Polio

*    Athlete’s Foot

*    Syphilis

*    Tetanus

*    Pneumonia

*    Gonorrhea

*    Anthrax

*    Leprosy

*    Tuberculosis

*    Epstein-Barr Virus

*    Fifth Disease

*    Hand, Foot & Mouth disease

*    Rubella

*    ETC!!!


Sign Up on the Door of Rm. 256… Before the March Break.  And Remember… Only One person / Pair Per Topic… So Sign Up Early!!!


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