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Unit 2 – Plant Anatomy & Physiology:
Research the following questions, and then prepare a one-page pamphlet informing homeowners
how they can care for their lawn without backbreaking labour or pesticide use.
  •  Why are some Canadian communities banning the cosmetic use of pesticides?
  •  What problems can pesticides cause in urban areas?
  •  What can I do to keep my lawns green and healthy without using pesticides?
  •  i.e. mowing, watering, fertilizing, aerating, etc.???
  •  What is “Integrated Pest Management”?
  •  What is “bioaccumulation?”
Your creatively presented pamphlet will include internal referencing throughout the work, and
a reference list with at least 5 credible references cited. Your sources may include:
  • Textbook – pp. 329-336
  • Printed Media: Books, Magazines, newspapers, etc.
  • The Internet
  • Scientific journals,      etc.
Internal Referencing:
After a statistic, a direct quote or a paraphrased idea is used in your work, it must be referenced.
For example: 
This reduces the need for fertilizer by 30 percent. [D. Wright, 2002]
Reference List:
Full references are needed for your sources. Use the guide below:
On-Line Sources:
            Author, Institute or Organization, exact website address, date published or found.
            e.g.       D. Wright, Adam Scott C.V.I. [ www.thebestscienceteacher.org ], May 2002.
Print Media:
            Author, Institute or Organization, book or magazine title, publisher, date published.
e.g.       D. Wright, Adam Scott C.V.I., “How to Be a Green Thumb Like Me!” (Lions Publishing), May 2002.


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