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PURPOSE:     To explore the terminology and symbols associated with weather prediction and weather maps.
                                To follow the weather for 4 - 5 consecutive days to see trends in weather patterns.
                                To predict the weather for the next 2 days after the observation period.
APPARATUS / MATERIALS:         - weather maps                    - textbook and other available resources.
1.                    Collect weather maps for 4 – 5 consecutive days from a newspaper or internet source.        
2.                    Read pp. 542-543 and pp. 546-549 for background information, and use what you have learned thus far to complete the observations and analysis below.
3.                    After completion, you may want to present your lab in an interesting way.
1. a)     Choose one weather system (a warm or cold front, or a high or low pressure system) and sketch its    
location over the 4-5 days on a map of Canada (on reverse). Label each day.
b)          In general, what direction did weather system travel over the 4-5 days? Why do you think this is the case?
2. a)     What relationship do you see between the movement of high and low pressure systems and the
movement of warm and cold fronts
     b)     Why do you think this is the case?
3. a)      What relationship do you see between high and low pressure systems and the amount of
     b)     Why do you think this is the case?
4. a)      What relationship do you see between the location of warm and cold fronts and the areas receiving
     b)       Why do you think this is the case?
1.                    a)     From one of the weather maps, choose one province where there is some precipitation and/or
        interesting weather systems. Draw a schematic diagram of the weather across this province. 
Include in your diagram: ~ labels of key reference points (i.e. cities, lakes, etc.)
                                                                ~ high and low pressure areas
                                                                ~ warm and cold fronts and their direction of travel
                                                                ~ precipitation including the types observed  
                                b)     For your diagram, write an explanation of the weather being observed and why it is occurring!!!
2.                    Use your knowledge of weather thus far to predict the weather across Canada for the day couple of days after your observation period. Include what, where, when, how and why!

1a.                   0          1          2
1b.                   0          1          2
2.                     0          1          2
3.                     0          1          2
4.                     0          1          2
1a.                   0     1     2     3
1b.                   0     1     2     3
2.                     0     1     2     3     4
TOTAL:                                                          / 20

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